Friday, 24 May 2013

So Much Hate...

Why does tragedy often evoke some of the most vile and hate ridden reactions from so many?

How can people not see that if their response to violent crime is to call for more violence then they are, for all intents and purposes, a part of the problem?

I mean, in what dark recesses of the human psyche does it make sense, after seeing a life brutally wasted, a child left fatherless and a family torn to pieces, to call out for yet more of the same? To express a wish for more pointless deaths, for more orphaned children and more grieving families?

The Woolwich attackers committed this grevious act in response to violent acts carried out in Islamic countries. This was obviously the twisted response of none too stable minds. If people respond with violence though, how are they any different? It would be just as much a tragedy if it were a Muslim father laying on the floor, a Muslim child crying for a father who'll never come home, while an English killer postures for the nearest camera, bloodstained and brandishing weapons, rabidly ranting that he did this in revenge for the deaths caused by Islamic extremism. 

This is not about Us Vs Them! This is not a tit for tat playground bickering! This is the result of wasting so much effort on revenge and bigotry and it will only lead to more deaths, more suffering and more grief until we learn that the only way to fix this mess is to stop focusing on all our petty differences and work together to find a way to fix and prevent the twisted parts of the human mind that make people believe that violence is an acceptable option!

In memory of all those who've died needless and violent deaths worldwide.


  1. Well said babes, it's infuriating that all this has done has brought out closet racism and a shocking desire for violence. Thoughts for that poor man's family :'(

    Emma xxx

  2. This murder was clearly a case of an unstable mind affected by an unstable religious ideal.

    I agree let the violence end and keep up the good work.